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» Rules, Read!
 Posted: Dec 8 2013, 03:05 PM
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1.No Dodging Filters or Trolling
This is a VERY big rule,be sure you follow it,or you will be banned.

2.No Spamming
Spamming is very pointless and is annoying at some points.

3.Do NOT post pictures of Porn,Gore,or any creepy pictures
This is not a Gore,Porn or Creepy website, so the staff will not be happy about this.

4.No troll links or viruses
This is yet another big rule,If you break this,you suffer a big consequence.

5.Do not Re-Reg 3 times
We want DIFFIRENT members, not a bunch of members that is the same person.

6.Never Hack
Again,you suffer a big consequence.

7.Don't change subject
The topic is about a subject,so please,stay on topic.

8.Don't double post
Please do not double post as it is concurred Post-boosting

S.Don't abuse powers
Please,do not abuse your powers.
Results of Rules:
1|1 Day ban
2|1 Warning
3|2 Warnings
4|Perma+IP ban
5|Perma+IP ban
6|Perma+IP ban
7|1 Warning
8|1 Warning
S|Demoten + 1 day ban.
Warning Results:

3|1 Day ban
6|1 week ban
9|2 week ban
12|1 month ban
15|3 month ban
18|1 year ban
21|Perma ban
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